Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 2 - Football, Calculus, Birthdays = Distractions?

Hey team,

Today I still feel capable of getting my goals done and changing my life even with plenty of distractions.

September 30, 2012 Goals:

  1. Post goals on blog.
  2. Finish 2 sections of calculus homework.
  3. Create a twitter for the blog and post.
  4. Post at least 5 times in Warrior Forum with blog in signature.
  5. Then I got a birthday dinner to go to for my mom. YES!
I'll probably be back to edit the post and check off some of the goals.

I'll also let you guys know that prior to this I have been working on getting an E-commerce website setup but challenges talking to distributors have kept me in the same spot for a while. I'll update you guys as soon as I hear back.

Leave some comments!

P.S. - I'm going to be researching some things so my content will have more relevance and authority with the readers.. I have to put together a list of content that I'm gonna roll out with.

Thanks for your patience!


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