Thursday, October 18, 2012

How I Made 28 Bucks With Adsense

Hey Team,

Since I can't tell you how to get rich(yet), I'm gonna tell you how I made 28 bucks through Adsense.

It was actually pretty simple and if I continued I probably could have made a lot more.

Let's keep in mind that back in the day these methods were a lot more accepted and now these probably don't go well with the big G.

But I'll provide some edit's to make sure you guys don't go get your accounts banned. Please G, don't ban me! I'm still learning!

The method is pretty standard actually and the part I missed out on was the...

"Rinse and Repeat"

In recent times, big G has been cracking down on LOW quality Adsense sites and for good reason. It took about 30 minutes to put one of these sites together for the pros. It took me a lot longer though!

What the grey hat guru's would do is find some PLR content online and put together a flimsy website stuffed with keywords and blast it with backlinks. (WARNING: DO NOT DO THIS) 

I'm not sure if paid advertising is the best way to drive traffic to an Adsense site. That's just my opinion because you're paying money to Google to make money from Google.

But other traffic methods were fine such as social networking websites and bookmarking. Keep in mind that I never posted on these websites for backlinks. It was to reach out to people who need the information pertaining to the website niche.

It's not about backlinks or website votes... It's about consumers, solving problems, and giving them quality information and products. Right Google??

Now 28 bucks isn't that much money but hey, I've seen plenty of people on WF that haven't made any at all. (Technically I didn't make the 28 because it hasn't hit the $100 threshold but I'm a glass half full type of guy).

If you wan't to find out the details of this particular method and how I made a WHOPPING small $28 dollars, Subscribe and I'll send out some more information detailing the exact steps of how to put these websites together and what niches I used to make my first few Adsense dollars.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

2 FREE Tools For Internet Marketers

Hey Team,

Just wanted to let you guys in on some cool new tools I've found that is gonna make my life a little easier and hopefully yours.

The first tool I found while roaming the WF is List Wire.

After much debate and research on paid autoresponders and free ones, List Wire came up a lot and I actually read a few posts from what seems like the owner or an avid user at least. He came off very sincere in his defense of his product and just that alone made me want to try it.

So I'm going to check it out and let you guys know how I felt about it. Previously I was using Imnica mail and it just seemed a little outdated. So out with the old, in with the new!

NOTE: I also read from this site, that since List Wire is indeed free, they do make potential subscribers go through to one of their pages to confirm their optin and they to send out some emails. I'm not sure how many and if it's detrimental to my own list building efforts but I've read a lot of good things so I'm gonna give it a shot.

The other free tool I found is This awesome little website allows you to make FREE squeeze pages with proven templates. It comes with all the cool little bullet points and some have the huge red arrow pointing to the email box.

Very interesting tool. I spent over 90 bucks on a WP squeeze page creator. So over the next couple weeks I'll be using these. I will definitely let you guys know if I'm successful with either one of them and how usable they are.

BTW, the 90 second squeeze page link is an affiliate link and I will receive compensation if you purchase something there but the squeeze page service IS FREE! I've never made any money through affiliate marketing so don't worry, I won't expect anything. But hey, if you DO help me out. Thanks a bunch!

Thanks for reading!

Team Bottom Up

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Make Some Start Up Money

What's Up Team,

I've seen plenty of times on the Warrior Forum and have been through it myself actually that it can be an obstacle to get some money for your domain and hosting packages if you are just starting out. I've put together a list of some things that are relatively easy to do and can get you enough money to start up your first website and maybe a lot more if you scale up.

  1. Fiverr - This neat little site has been around for quite a while now but a lot of people still haven't heard about this website. You make an account and post up "gigs" that people will in turn pay you $5 for.  (It's actually $4 after Fiverr takes it's cut. So keep that in mind) I made eight bucks to pay for my domain name a couple years back by writing some articles for people. There are hundreds of other people that can vouch that it's definitely a good starting point to get a few bucks for minor expenses.

  2. Something that I've been really trying to pursue is Craigslist. I've never realized the kind of things you can find on here, for FREE. For some this might not be practical but to me if it makes profit there's potential! For example, people post decent  condition couches and televisions that you can pick up and easily flip for a profit. I've even found expensive unopened make up for women. It's crazy what these fancy products are worth. Depending on how quickly you want it to sell you pretty much only lose out on gas that you use to pick up the item. (Beware: There is no guarantee that you'll be able to flip what you get. There might be a reason it's posted for free. Keep that in mind and use common sense!

  3. ChaCha - Now this alternative I've only briefly worked with and that's because the pay I got was just too little but I can understand why people do it. You just have to be dedicated and put in the hours. This cool little website provides answers to people in real time as they come in. To become a "guide" you have to submit an application and such. You can work for as little or as long as you want and you get paid per answer. Try this out and see if it's for you.
Go check out these alternatives to making some side money if you don't have a paying job or are just getting started making money online. You can easily make enough money to get some hosting and a domain using these 3 methods. I've done it.

Team Bottom Up


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 4 - Keep It Simple Stupid

What's Up Team,

It's break time from studying and I've realized I can relate everything back to Internet Marketing. I'm currently studying for a calculus exam and I've been confusing older solutions to the newer more complicated ones. So now that I'm reviewing stuff from the beginning of the class I try to apply newer methods to it and it's just not how the problem was designed. So now my brain is exploding and I'm confusing everything.

As Internet Marketers we look into the latest and greatest traffic techniques or new business models that we want to try. Often times it's easy to lose sight of the basics of business.

To Make Money, Find Customers And Sell For A Profit.

So since I've failed so many times in the past I'm going to make it a priority to keep it simple.

Prioritizing tasks in a way that only the things that will aid in acquiring a customer or making a sale will take up the majority of my time. So this is how I'm going to be running my businesses and websites from now on. 

  • A Tasks - Results in new customers or a sale
  • B Tasks - Things that make you feel productive but doesn't result in sales.
  • C Tasks - The mundane things that can be outsourced.
I'm starting to think more about customer interaction as the number 1 priority. Organic search traffic is awesome and free so I will work to improve my rankings but acquiring a customer from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets might prove to be quicker and more efficient. Google can slap a site whenever they want, the most we can do is lower the chances by being legit. 

I'm also going to be setting up a subscriber list on the right hand side. Since once you get a list established it's a community who are willing to listen to you and trust you. 

I'm going to be posting my findings on about social media traffic and how it works out maybe once a week or whenever it becomes necessary.

So my goals for tomorrow,

October 4, 2012 Goals:

  1. Setup Email Optin.
  2. Be HELPFUL on WF. (5 posts)
  3. Setup a FB Fan Page.
  4. Brainstorm 5 Niches.
  5. Brainstorm first newsletter topic.

Well, I have to get back to studying. I'll talk to you guys soon and let you guys know how my goals worked out tomorrow. Stay hungry!

Team Bottom Up!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 3 - Homework Day

Whats Up Team!

Not gonna really post much today because I got an exam coming up and tons of homework to finish from this week.

I did wanna leave a little bit of motivation for myself and for you guys. I've been attempting but always quitting at this internet game for a while. Never really made any real income but a lot of people preach that if you can make one dollar you can do it again.

So here is my Adsense earnings for my whole career:

Yes I know it's not much, but hey... It proves that it IS possible!

So get out there and put together a website and try and provide some sort of value to people. Don't TRICK them or BRIBE them... Just give them what they want/need and you'll make something.

October 1, 2012 Goals:

  1. Finish a chapters worth of calculus homework.
  2. Post 3 times on WF.
  3. Post once on twitter.
  4. Then workout playing some basketball!

Don't wait for something to happen, MAKE it happen!


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 2 - Football, Calculus, Birthdays = Distractions?

Hey team,

Today I still feel capable of getting my goals done and changing my life even with plenty of distractions.

September 30, 2012 Goals:

  1. Post goals on blog.
  2. Finish 2 sections of calculus homework.
  3. Create a twitter for the blog and post.
  4. Post at least 5 times in Warrior Forum with blog in signature.
  5. Then I got a birthday dinner to go to for my mom. YES!
I'll probably be back to edit the post and check off some of the goals.

I'll also let you guys know that prior to this I have been working on getting an E-commerce website setup but challenges talking to distributors have kept me in the same spot for a while. I'll update you guys as soon as I hear back.

Leave some comments!

P.S. - I'm going to be researching some things so my content will have more relevance and authority with the readers.. I have to put together a list of content that I'm gonna roll out with.

Thanks for your patience!


Day 1 - Proof is in the Pudding

What's up team? I'm Jared.

I'm back and I'm going to attempt to truly prove that anything is possible. I'll be starting from scratch with ZERO money. The name of the blog is Team Bottom Up because I hope to have many who are in the same position as me to join up, face their fears, and finally gain confidence and money through internet marketing.

Well, after a year and some change of taking off from chasing the dream and being a lazy ass, I've come to the realization that dreams are never too big and I was doing diddely squat to achieve ANYTHING. If I'm not chasing the eventual passive payday, I might as well get a regular JOB and get paid weekly. As of now though, my hatred for having a boss and committing time to something that I don't have a desire to do is strong enough for me to make this blog and type this up.

Before I get into my goals I want to make a mantra or mission statement to make sure my readers know exactly what I'm trying to do with this blog and for the community. I will be reshaping this as I grow with the times and get better at what I do. I'll be brainstorming some ideas I have so that it really fits the blog. But for now I'll go with "The Only Limits We Have Is Ourselves". It might sound cliche but I've truly been battling myself since 2008 when I first attempted making money online.

My Goals Starting September 29, 2012:

So by the end of 2012 

  1. I am aiming for at least 24 avid readers of this blog. How? There is 3 months left starting in October so I will need at least 8 confirmed new readers each month. I will post at the minimum of 4 times a week but I will aim for once a day. This will get me into the eyes of Google and hopefully 8 new readers a month.
  2. To make $300 dollars from any method online by December 30, 2012 How? Through this blog, Adsense, Fiverr, Services... Pretty much by any ethical means necessary that is online. $300 isn't a lot but it's a solid foundation and is achievable.
*NOTE* I don't want to depend on Google for traffic. I want to build a following so Google is secondary. Being relevant to my audience is top priority.

October Goals

  1. Attain my first 8 readers and confirm through discussion or emails.
  2. $100 dollars from any online source.
  3. Get to 30 Twitter followers.
Goals are meant to be adjustable so these might change in the future.

I feel like this is Deja Vu. Feeling the urge to put in the work and change my life forever but I also know that soon after the initial spark the energy runs out. Will I learn from my previous mistakes?

Let me know what challenges you've had in the past when it comes to time management, trying too many methods out at once, or just plain quitting. 

I look forward to seeing your responses.