Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 4 - Keep It Simple Stupid

What's Up Team,

It's break time from studying and I've realized I can relate everything back to Internet Marketing. I'm currently studying for a calculus exam and I've been confusing older solutions to the newer more complicated ones. So now that I'm reviewing stuff from the beginning of the class I try to apply newer methods to it and it's just not how the problem was designed. So now my brain is exploding and I'm confusing everything.

As Internet Marketers we look into the latest and greatest traffic techniques or new business models that we want to try. Often times it's easy to lose sight of the basics of business.

To Make Money, Find Customers And Sell For A Profit.

So since I've failed so many times in the past I'm going to make it a priority to keep it simple.

Prioritizing tasks in a way that only the things that will aid in acquiring a customer or making a sale will take up the majority of my time. So this is how I'm going to be running my businesses and websites from now on. 

  • A Tasks - Results in new customers or a sale
  • B Tasks - Things that make you feel productive but doesn't result in sales.
  • C Tasks - The mundane things that can be outsourced.
I'm starting to think more about customer interaction as the number 1 priority. Organic search traffic is awesome and free so I will work to improve my rankings but acquiring a customer from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets might prove to be quicker and more efficient. Google can slap a site whenever they want, the most we can do is lower the chances by being legit. 

I'm also going to be setting up a subscriber list on the right hand side. Since once you get a list established it's a community who are willing to listen to you and trust you. 

I'm going to be posting my findings on about social media traffic and how it works out maybe once a week or whenever it becomes necessary.

So my goals for tomorrow,

October 4, 2012 Goals:

  1. Setup Email Optin.
  2. Be HELPFUL on WF. (5 posts)
  3. Setup a FB Fan Page.
  4. Brainstorm 5 Niches.
  5. Brainstorm first newsletter topic.

Well, I have to get back to studying. I'll talk to you guys soon and let you guys know how my goals worked out tomorrow. Stay hungry!

Team Bottom Up!


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