Sunday, October 7, 2012

Make Some Start Up Money

What's Up Team,

I've seen plenty of times on the Warrior Forum and have been through it myself actually that it can be an obstacle to get some money for your domain and hosting packages if you are just starting out. I've put together a list of some things that are relatively easy to do and can get you enough money to start up your first website and maybe a lot more if you scale up.

  1. Fiverr - This neat little site has been around for quite a while now but a lot of people still haven't heard about this website. You make an account and post up "gigs" that people will in turn pay you $5 for.  (It's actually $4 after Fiverr takes it's cut. So keep that in mind) I made eight bucks to pay for my domain name a couple years back by writing some articles for people. There are hundreds of other people that can vouch that it's definitely a good starting point to get a few bucks for minor expenses.

  2. Something that I've been really trying to pursue is Craigslist. I've never realized the kind of things you can find on here, for FREE. For some this might not be practical but to me if it makes profit there's potential! For example, people post decent  condition couches and televisions that you can pick up and easily flip for a profit. I've even found expensive unopened make up for women. It's crazy what these fancy products are worth. Depending on how quickly you want it to sell you pretty much only lose out on gas that you use to pick up the item. (Beware: There is no guarantee that you'll be able to flip what you get. There might be a reason it's posted for free. Keep that in mind and use common sense!

  3. ChaCha - Now this alternative I've only briefly worked with and that's because the pay I got was just too little but I can understand why people do it. You just have to be dedicated and put in the hours. This cool little website provides answers to people in real time as they come in. To become a "guide" you have to submit an application and such. You can work for as little or as long as you want and you get paid per answer. Try this out and see if it's for you.
Go check out these alternatives to making some side money if you don't have a paying job or are just getting started making money online. You can easily make enough money to get some hosting and a domain using these 3 methods. I've done it.

Team Bottom Up


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