Thursday, October 18, 2012

How I Made 28 Bucks With Adsense

Hey Team,

Since I can't tell you how to get rich(yet), I'm gonna tell you how I made 28 bucks through Adsense.

It was actually pretty simple and if I continued I probably could have made a lot more.

Let's keep in mind that back in the day these methods were a lot more accepted and now these probably don't go well with the big G.

But I'll provide some edit's to make sure you guys don't go get your accounts banned. Please G, don't ban me! I'm still learning!

The method is pretty standard actually and the part I missed out on was the...

"Rinse and Repeat"

In recent times, big G has been cracking down on LOW quality Adsense sites and for good reason. It took about 30 minutes to put one of these sites together for the pros. It took me a lot longer though!

What the grey hat guru's would do is find some PLR content online and put together a flimsy website stuffed with keywords and blast it with backlinks. (WARNING: DO NOT DO THIS) 

I'm not sure if paid advertising is the best way to drive traffic to an Adsense site. That's just my opinion because you're paying money to Google to make money from Google.

But other traffic methods were fine such as social networking websites and bookmarking. Keep in mind that I never posted on these websites for backlinks. It was to reach out to people who need the information pertaining to the website niche.

It's not about backlinks or website votes... It's about consumers, solving problems, and giving them quality information and products. Right Google??

Now 28 bucks isn't that much money but hey, I've seen plenty of people on WF that haven't made any at all. (Technically I didn't make the 28 because it hasn't hit the $100 threshold but I'm a glass half full type of guy).

If you wan't to find out the details of this particular method and how I made a WHOPPING small $28 dollars, Subscribe and I'll send out some more information detailing the exact steps of how to put these websites together and what niches I used to make my first few Adsense dollars.

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